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In the Making of Love is an Open Door

It must be perfect. It can’t be something we just throw together.  That’s why we’re filming at Thanksgiving Point.  That is why our Hans will have sideburns although he’s only 11.  Get excited it should be happening in a week.  It’s something we’ve been planning for months now and it’s all falling into place.  Don’t get too excited though, I’ve found when my expectations are too high and it doesn’t reach it I hate it.  Like I watched Dumb and Dumber 6 years after it was made and heard it was hilarious and it was amazing. Watched and I was like “ehh, it was good I guess,” but looking back it was actually pretty good.  Why did I tell you that? Oh yeah because the video is going to be great but you have to watch it with either low or no expectations.  🙂 Heres a picture of our sideburns. They’re actually eyebrows but they should do the trick


What We Do

First off we are a film crew of the sort. I say of the sort because we are still growing and learning. The Company name came in 2008 in our Junior year of High School while trying to create a top of the line music videos with a $150 camera and a mac which had garageband and imovie on it. As the title says we were working with lemons.

The fact of the matter is though is that we made it work, not only work but it turned out great! We won awards in our high school film festival with “Hope it’s Lindsy” and we continued to create videos whether hired to help somebody win Student Body Officer or win Prince Charming. Through it all we have to have fun. As a brilliant man I know always says:

“If you are not having fun you are doing it wrong.

Snow Angel

Hope it’s Lindsy